To transfer the inheritance to the aeronautical supply chain
  To insure its technical progress thanks to innovative ideas development
  To set up complementary European research partnerships
  To get financial support from aeronautics research and to produce development
  To advise the partnerships during their technical acquisition time
  Since 1996, we have accompanied more than 40 SMEs proposals or requests
for awards to European Commission, DG Research.
Address:   33, Bvd Deltour - 31500 TOULOUSE, France
Tel:   33 (0)5 62 47 14 18
Fax:   33 (0)5 62 47 12 26
In 1996, we set up the bases of support to aeronautical SMEs, which became the SCRATCH projects. For more information, please visit SCRATCH website (ended project) and AEROPORTAL website (current project).